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5 Issues Facing the Micro-Mobility Industry

Here are five major issues facing the micro-mobility industry, and a possible solution to a few of them.

For example, in France, scooters, and bikes have been tossed over bridges and dumped into the water off the coast of Marseilles. In Montreal, the city has pushed regulations requiring companies to manage the distribution and parking surrounding scooters.

For businesses, micro-mobility is here to stay. This means corporations will have to find solutions to the problems in this fast-growing industry.

Here are five major issues facing the micro-mobility industry, and a possible solution to a few of them.

5 Issues Facing the Micro-Mobility Industry

  1. Safety. Micro-mobility isn’t entirely new, considering bicycles have been around since before most of us can remember. However, the invention and fast adaptation of e-scooters and other battery-powered micro-vehicles have left a gap in safety regulations. Hospitals have seen a marked increase of hospitalization due to e-scooter accidents, and ride-share programs have recalled their micro-mobility vehicles for the same reasons.
  2. Logistics. Utilizing micro-mobility in business comes with a new logistics requirement. Having heavily used electric vehicles is no different than having company cars and company transportation. They require routine maintenance along with a monetary investment for future replacements.
  3. Asset Regulation. A major issue with the micro-mobility boom is the problem of asset regulation. Whether it’s an issue of where to park the vehicles or them getting stolen, businesses have to know where the vehicles are going when they are out on the road.
  4. Communication. This one goes hand-in-hand with asset regulation. There is a growing number of mobile applications dedicated to open communication between businesses and employees, when it comes to micro-mobility. One of those apps is Hellotracks, an app that allows dispatchers and employees to interact seamlessly through an easy-to-use interface, creating a transparent and hassle-free experience.
  5. Growth. Last, while this is not much of an issue, it could be. With the growth of micro-mobility comes more competition, more decisions, and a definite shift in an industry. The growth of the micro-mobility industry is inevitable and should be taken into consideration every step of the way. Implementing organizational techniques in the beginning can allow for stress-free growth as the industry booms.

Hellotracks as your Micro-Mobility Solution

Hellotracks is a mobile application designed to make operations of micro-mobility vehicles as easy as possible and has a variety of benefits for both employees and companies.

For companies, it allows for easy job dispatch and communication between employees and operators. Rather than constantly fielding calls, employees can easily and immediately input data from jobs. It can be as simple as a thumbs up for a job completed or as advanced as attaching images and client signatures. This minimizes paperwork and maximizes productivity.

For employees, it offers batch distribution of jobs, real-time location viewing, and an advanced reporting system. Hellotrack’s batch distribution system allows optimization of travel routes and more effective and more timely deliveries. The real-time location feature allows for hassle-free interaction, second by second updates, and instant feedback in the case of emergencies. Finally, the advanced reporting system allows employees to see their performance statistics and improve their numbers.

Hellotracks is the ultimate solution for your micro-mobility operations. Be it a collection of five employees or a corporation with thousands of employees, this mobile application can make the deployment of micro-mobility operations seamless and effortless.

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