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Increase worker productivity while decreasing down-time and mileage costs in just a couple of weeks.

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“Hellotracks has been very easy to implement and it’s helped us to better manage our field staff, improve asset recovery and improve overall field operations through real-time visibility.”

Neil B., Operations
Lyft, Inc.

The ideal fleet management software for transportation and mobility

Automatically assign jobs to the best available employee with optimized routes in real-time. Hellotracks supports the tracking, distribution, repair and maintenance of your assets. We make sure your fleet is utilized to its full potential.

Double the efficiency of your mobility services

No more stranded bikes

Retrieving bikes or scooters, charging batteries, and balancing the fleet each night can be a costly and labor-intensive exercise. Hellotracks offers simple tools to analyze and manage the large amount of data for micro-mobility asset/unit servicing. These tools seamlessly route staff for battery swaps or coordinate the field logistics of picking up scooters and identifying broken or stranded assets. Hellotracks uses real-time data so your fleet gets the best performance from your assets.

Real-Time Location

The importance of efficient tracking and dispatch cannot be understated. Hellotracks traces staff locations and job routes in real-time. Hellotracks offers optimal routing for all kinds of vehicles and determines where your Pick-up Vans are at all times, optimizes routes for vehicle capacity and decreases time spent at each location. Real-time tracking is vital in keeping your drivers working productively and safely.

1-click dispatch for relocations, battery swaps and broken units

Hellotracks’ lean software can automatically assign hundreds of jobs in one click, monitor assets around the clock and integrate with every employee’s smartphone. Employees can easily input data for each job, communicate with operators, receive alerts, locate micro-mobility assets in-field, attach important documents, recall optimized routes and more. Hellotracks’ integrates with other software systems via our APIs. This allows a seamless connection to your existing systems.

“Hellotracks helps us to dispatch workers and manage our assets across Europe. The platform is easy to use, the API provides a lot of information and allows to dig deeper into what you can do with this tool.”

Samori Osei, Senior Operations Specialist

Manage your mobility field operations

Optimized for maintenance, repair and distribution of units

Collect, share and analyze large amounts of field service data

Monitor employee location and activities

Automatically schedule multiple shifts (e.g. overnight or weekend shift) with employee availability taken into account

Customizable job types for field staff (e.g. pick-ups, drop-off, swaps, etc.)

Drag-n-drop or batch dispatch multiple jobs with easy management tracking

Mobility asset tracking

Coordinate operations across wide geographic areas, cities and time zones

“The management tool is very easy to use and engage between the dashboard and device app and the API integration is adaptable for our business. Hellotracks team has been an excellent partner that actually cares about the success of our team.”

Lawrence D., Senior Product Manager
CitiBike, Operated by Motivate

“Hellotracks has been extremely valuable for us and the team is very responsive to questions.”

Micah Stone, Director of Business Intelligence

“Hellotracks helped us to improve routing efficiency and allowed auditing of daily routes.”

Ryan Gallagher, Operations Manager
Bay Wheels

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