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Smartphone Telematics

Field service management - Smartphone GPS system vs a Telematics GPS system

Many businesses still rely on physical telematic GPS devices (PhGPS), directly mounted in the vehicle. On the other hand, there is a growing subset of software offerings that utilize only smartphones and tablets offering the same set of services to complete your fleet operations such as Hellotracks.


News on the "Next Generation" of Satellite Technology

We thought we would share some exciting news that has been happening in one of the main offerings field service software provides. You have probably heard about GPS before and perhaps you know it essentially permeates through everything in our 21st century world. If you don't know, you can check out an earlier blog post that describes what GPS is, some common problems people face using it and how to solve those problems. However, you may not have heard that GPS in the midst of a major update that has been years in the making.

What's new

What’s New at Hellotracks?

First, we moved the jobs list into the map view as a separate tab. Second, we changed how you see the map. You can now see your whole day route(s) on the map, this was not happening before. This is to give you more information and a better idea of what your day will look like. Third, you can now directly see and modify forms from the app, as well as upload images on the jobs page.


What is SaaS and how can it help your business?

SaaS businesses offer several benefits to their customers, whether that be for finding a ride, or a song they like, hosting huge amounts of data, or running multiple field agents. There are many benefits to utilizing SaaS for companies including the reduced upfront costs of commercial software’s, need to install software on individual machines, service scalability with a business's growth, integrations with other software’s, and instant updates to all users.


How Hellotracks can help you save money and improve your field operations.

Imagine, you are a small business that is focused primarily on work that deals with your employees in the field. Your business is growing as everyone comes to realize what a great service you offer them. However, you are finding that the use of spreadsheets, multiple dispatchers, multiple softwares and google calendar to try and keep track of everything that is going on. This is a lot of manual pen and paper use.


5 digitization trends in public sector field service

How do most public field service operators cope with the problems they face? What technologies have emerged that could add improvement? Where is the field service going in the next few years?