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Hellotracks brings simplicity and speed in managing thousands of public employees. Assign jobs to the best available employee with optimized routes in real-time, automatic allocation and bulk job uploads.

Public works in one Dashboard.

Efficient public works staff management

Hellotracks offers an easy-to-use platform to analyze and manage field staff. Operators can distribute and optimize routes for many different teams in a matter of seconds. Increase operator productivity through the import of real-time data. Hellotracks helps you to control simultaneous projects within a region, city or locality at the same time whilst increasing efficiency and validation of service delivery.

Employee and team location tracking

The importance of efficient team tracking cannot be understated when managing teams. Hellotracks allows you to follow real-time staff locations and job completions from your desktop or smartphone app. Eliminate manual processes and human errors thanks to the Hellotracks auto dispatch and routing tools.

Control your field operations

An easy-to-use software to control your diverse teams and fleet of vehicles. Hellotracks’ lean software automatically assign hundreds of jobs in one click, monitor assets around the clock and integrate with every employee’s smartphone or computer. See employee improvement in the attitude towards their job, resulting in higher productivity. Communicate with operators, receive alerts, attach important documents, and recall optimized routes. Hellotracks helps facilitate the coordination of teamwork and a prompt response in service rates.

“Hellotracks is a great routing tool and a good tool to keep track of the crews while in the field.”

Anthony Pate, Maintenance Section Chief
Houston Public Works

Manage your public works operations

Increase job efficiency and completions via route optimization

Reduce risks inherent in job coordination and field activities

Eliminate redundant job duties and routes on demand

Automatically schedule multiple shifts (e.g. overnight or weekend shift) with employee availability taken into account

Collect, share and analyze large amounts of field service data

Receive and monitor data on employee activities

Access accurate data of drivers in real-time

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“Hellotracks allows us to monitor staff and has helped us to increase in productivity”

John Mooteealoo, Head of Service
Islington Council,

Public Sector Office Solutions

Operational Dashboard

Log into the Hellotracks Dashboard to observe the centralized, management, and optimization control center.

Improved office operations

Keep your team on the same page with Hellotracks’ instant data updates, notifications, and reports. Easily receive and organize thousands of purchase orders and assign drivers optimized routes to complete those orders in seconds. Hellotracks’ automatic report creation tool increases transparency and productivity of team leaders and operators.

Analyze and grow your business

Faster problem identification and resolution

Staff performance statistics

Employee timesheets

Job completion reports and metrics

Mileage & distance travelled metrics

Team check-ins and outs data

Detailed project analysis

API Integrations

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