Corporate Governance


Hellotracks believes in transparent and ethical business practices, and the protection of long-term interests of its employees, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Hellotracks has established a Board of Directors (Bod) and appointed qualified members and directors, such that:

  • A corporate bylaws and BoD charters are in place that describe board members responsibilities.

  • The BoD identifies and accepts its oversight responsibilities in relation to established requirements and expectations.

  • Board members are evaluated on a periodic basis to help ensure their skills and expertise are suited to lead senior management and take commensurate action.

  • The BoD has sufficient members who are independent from management and are objective in evaluations and decision making.

  • The expectations of the BoD and/or senior management are defined and understood at all levels of the organization and its service providers and business partners.

Controls and Procedures

Board of Directors Responsibilities

The Board of Directors (BoD) meets quarterly to discuss financials, operations, business results, strategies and planning. The BoD responsibilities include:

  • Evaluate the performance of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the executive management team

  • Establish policies, evaluate and approve the compensation of senior management of the company

  • Review succession plans and development programs for senior management

  • Review and approve long-term strategic and business plans and monitor organization’s performance against the plans

  • Review and approve any major risks and the risk remediation/acceptance

  • Adopt policies of corporate conduct, including compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, maintenance of accounting, financial and other controls, and reviewing the adequacy of compliance systems and controls

  • Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the Board and its committees and the individual directors on a periodic basis

  • Adopt and implement best practices of corporate governance in full conformity with the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, rules and regulations