Integrating Hellotracks Enterprise with Okta for Single Sign-On and Lifecycle Management


Hellotracks Enterprise now supports integration with Okta, a leading identity management service, to provide seamless single sign-on (SSO) and Lifecycle Management (LCM) capabilities. This integration allows organizations to streamline their authentication processes and manage user accounts more efficiently.

Benefits of Using Okta with Hellotracks Enterprise

  1. 🔒 Enhanced Security: Okta’s robust authentication mechanisms ensure secure access to Hellotracks Enterprise.
  2. 🔑 Simplified Access: Users can access Hellotracks Enterprise through a single set of credentials, reducing password fatigue and improving user experience.
  3. 👥 Efficient User Management: With LCM, administrators can automate user account creation, updates, and deletion, aligning with employee lifecycle changes.
  4. 📊 Compliance and Audit Trails: Okta provides comprehensive logging and reporting features, aiding in compliance and audit processes.

Setting Up Okta Integration

  1. 💻 Configure Okta Application: Set up Hellotracks as an application in your Okta admin dashboard.
  2. 👤 User Assignment: Assign Hellotracks Enterprise to your users or groups within Okta.
  3. 🔗 SSO Configuration: Configure SSO by setting up SAML 2.0 in both Okta and Hellotracks Enterprise.
  4. 🧪 Test the Integration: Verify that users can access Hellotracks Enterprise through Okta without issues.

Lifecycle Management

  • 🔄 Automated Provisioning: Automatically create, update, or deactivate user accounts in Hellotracks based on changes in Okta.
  • 👥 Group Membership Sync: Sync group memberships from Okta to Hellotracks to manage access and roles efficiently.

Support and Documentation

For detailed instructions and support on setting up the Okta integration with Hellotracks Enterprise, please refer to our comprehensive guide or contact our support team.