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Joe Desimone

General Manager, Motivate LLC New York

“Ultimately, we were able to increase productivity, which decreases cost. Since implementation, our system has almost doubled in size but our headcount has not needed to grow at the same rate. All of our systems around the country were able to adopt Hellotracks and all of them still use it today.”

The old way

A lot of inefficient, time consuming, manual work.

Manually created routes using Google Sheets.

Communication via push to talk phones.

Giving field staff stop by stop instructions.

The Story

Joe is the GM for the NYC region including New Jersey responsible for about 450 people, 52 vehicles, 19,500 bikes, and over 1,100 stations. His team used to use Google Sheets to create routes manually and the drivers would self navigate around the city. According to Joe, Motivate New York would communicate with field staff via push to talk phones and give them instructions, stop by stop. This meant a lot of manual work, which was time consuming and extremely inefficient. It also meant a lot of very one-way conversations so Motivate New York didn’t really know where the field staff were during good portions of the day.

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Motivate New York tried to install a service for the vehicles,
but found it difficult to run multiple software programs just to know where field staff were and what they were doing.

“I started doing the research because I knew other options were available from other companiesworked for, I knew there really had to be a better way”

Joe Desimone | General Manager, Motivate NY

Motivate New York then found Hellotracks and they liked that everything is centralized on one platform.


With the Jobs feature, they are now able to upload large bulks of tasks at one time, select the field staff, dispatch to the correct staff member and follow navigation to every stop. The fact that there is a computer system for dispatchers, and an app for the field staff was considered a major positive in their decision making. The visual management, where you can see the map, see all the work, all the field workers that are out on their routes helped Motivate New York understand how each day was unfolding in real-time.

“All of that stuff is what we needed, and the nice thing about it is that it wasn’t too complex”

Joe Desimone | General Manager, Motivate NY

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“Hellotracks has been very easy to implement and it’s helped us to better manage our field staff, improve asset recovery and improve overall field operations through real-time visibility.”

Niel B.
Operations, Lyft inc.

“The management tool is very easy to use and engage between the dashboard and device app and the API integration is adaptable for our business. Hellotracks team has been an excellent partner that actually cares about the success of our team.”

Lawrence D.
Senior Product Manager, CitiBike

“Hellotracks helped us to improve routing efficiency and allowed auditing of daily routes.”

Ryan Gallagher
Operations Manager,
Bay Wheels

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