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Andrew Holden

Assistant Mitigation Manager, Entrusted

"I was looking at the reviews and with Hellotracks everything we were concerned about was there: can we have job sites? Yep, is there route optimization? Yep, is there location services? Yep, the software just meet met each and every one of our needs.

After talking with Hellotracks we decided to try it out the 30-day free trial. We decided that it worked and went with it. I would definitely recommend Hellotracks to other companies. The main reason why is just because it is very user friendly. In addition, the Hellotracks team has been very helpful. They have been very easy to work with, very responsive and aim to take care of us. I like that they have delivered on every promise they have made to me and my team. The customer experience and service has been top notch."

The old way

2 different mapping systems

Manual search for open space

Wasting time with inefficient routes

The Story

Andrew is the assistant mitigation manager at Entrusted and has been working for the company for a few years now. Before implementation with Hellotracks, Entrusted had to use 2 different systems for mapping. One map would be tracking their truck’s location and then the other map was one was focused on managing jobs. Now the Entrusted can have both in the same system, with key information on the same map with complementary features, such as team and place management, in Hellotracks. According to Andrew “The way we were doing things before was just super inefficient”.

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Entrusted used to have to do a manual search for an open space to provide service and then add it to the calendar. Now Entrusted can know everything about each job, they just hover over a specific field worker or job and it gives them all the details they need. Then the team at Entrusted can add it to the calendar.

“It’s been really helpful. To me personally, it saves me time, and it saves the technicians time, it saves the company time because we get more efficient routes, less expensive to drive, its saving gas, it is saving us a lot”

Assistant Mitigation Manager, Entrusted

Entrusted went from a point of missing jobs and facing delays because job details were getting missed to drastically reducing these kinds of mistakes. Once Hellotracks was deployed, Entrusted was able to use it and route much more efficiently and keep track of job details better.

“We are more efficient getting into homes and closing out jobs quicker than we used to.”

Assistant Mitigation Manager, Entrusted

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“Hellotracks has been very easy to implement and it’s helped us to better manage our field staff, improve asset recovery and improve overall field operations through real-time visibility.”

Niel B.
Operations, Lyft inc.

“The management tool is very easy to use and engage between the dashboard and device app and the API integration is adaptable for our business. Hellotracks team has been an excellent partner that actually cares about the success of our team.”

Lawrence D.
Senior Product Manager, CitiBike

“Hellotracks helped us to improve routing efficiency and allowed auditing of daily routes.”

Ryan Gallagher
Operations Manager,
Bay Wheels

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