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Comparison of Hellotracks and Google Maps Coordinate

  Hellotracks Business Google Maps Coordinate
Dashboard A Company Log-in gives user access to a 100% responsive Web platform. From the web platform users can create members: dispatchers and mobile workers. Dispatchers can label members to organize their network. Web console allowing Administrators to create teams of users, which can include dispatchers, mobile workers and other administrators.
Dispatching Dispatchers can locate mobile workers, assign jobs and follow job progress in real time. Dispatchers can also access mobile workers tracks history (recorded driven routes) and export job or mileage reports into Google Docs or Excel format. Dispatchers use the web console to locate mobile workers in the field, assign jobs and monitor job status. Dispatchers can also view a worker's job and location history.
Job dispatch Mobile workers use the mobile app to receive job assignments, update job status, locate jobs and other workers on the map (depending on the permissions). Worker can input required information per job. The app alerts workers about new and edited jobs. Mobile workers use the mobile app to receive job assignments, update job status, and locate jobs and other workers on the map. The app also immediately alerts workers to new job assignments.

Web Platform for Dispatchers and Administrators

  Hellotracks Business Google Maps Coordinate
Enhanced visibility into all activities in the field through a customizable Dashboard: Idling, stopped and on-the-go workers, total mileage, performance and engagement daily totals. N/A
Create and manage dispatchers and mobile workers.

Dispatchers can create and set labels to mobile workers and organize them per zone, region, shift, etc. Mobile workers can have more than one label.

Select only the group of workers you want to see on the map.
Create teams, to which you can add administrators, dispatchers, and mobile workers.

Add or remove users from teams and add or change users’ roles.
POI Import
Create or import POIs through a KML file. Import and update your Customer Database through a CSV file. From Google Maps Engine select a custom map and choose the layers you want to display in the dispatcher console.
Assign individual jobs or entire routes
to a mobile worker.

Monitor job status, progress and scheduled time (on -time or delay) with real-time status updates from the worker and a detailed status history log.
Assign a job to a mobile worker, specify a completion time, and then monitor job progress with status updates from the worker and a status history log.

Calendar format and drag-and-drop job scheduling.
Job History
Job History
Access job history with all details and easily locate them on the map. Job history map view, completed and cancelled jobs by location, as markers on the map.
Jobs Assignments Optimization
N/A Ability to enter mobile workers’ working hours, location to auto-assign jobs with the least travel time. (For the current day only).
Google Docs
Google Docs Integration
Auto-import recurrent routes or list of jobs for a faster dispatching. N/A
Data Input
Data Inputs from Field Members
Specify the data that mobile workers need to input per job.

Customize up to 4 text fields and 4 number fields.
Ability to create custom job fields.

Dispatcher add URLs to most fields in a job's details to create active links on the mobile app. Ability to define a job as not completed until all data has been entered.
Mileage, tracks history, job history per member or per client and mobile worker engagement. Export a list of jobs per worker for a specific day, week, or month.
Internal Push-Message with history log, message to entire groups. Ability to video conference with workers through the Google Hangouts Integration. (Requires Google Apps)
Real-time Location
Real-time location, interval of a few seconds, unlimited route recording. Instantly see where everyone is on the detailed map, set intervals starting from 1 minute.
Instant job and activities notifications status updates from mobile workers to the web platform or via email. Instant job status updates from mobile workers.
Location History
Recorded routes will be available with no time restriction. Select a specific date and time for single location. See Location history as markers on the map on specific days, weeks, etc.
Receive automatically or manually check-ins and outs from your mobile workers. Workers check-in and out manually.
Dispatchers only see certain groups of workers if filters are enabled.

Ability to enable or disable workers’ team location from the mobile app.

Enable/disable features for field staff.
Jobs API available. Jobs API available.

Mobile-App for Workers

  Hellotracks Business Google Maps Coordinate
Real-time Location
Mobile workers can locate each other in the field in real-time (this feature can be disabled under permissions) Locate team members in the field in real-time.
Receive job assignments
Workers receive scheduled and on-the-go jobs. Workers receive scheduled and on-the-go job.
Job creation
Job Creation
Only Dispatchers can create jobs from the Web app. Mobile workers can create jobs from the mobile app. Assignee can be changed from the Web Console.
Waze and Google Navigation integrated. Google Navigation integration.
Accept job
Accept and Reject Jobs
N/A Workers can accept or reject an assigned job.
Job Status
Job status
Select status between complete and incomplete enter up to 4 text and numbered fields. Custom lists to the job form.
Android iOS and Android
Check-ins and outs
Automatically and manually available. Manually.
NFC Technology
Option to use NFC tags for different purposes such as job assignation, auto log in and manual check-ins. N/A